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Friday, March 25, 2011

Working Man

So working at a minimum-wage retail store job probably isn't supposed to be the most exciting thing a guy can do, but I find that the worst part isn't the job itself. The worst part is the people who have been at the same job in the same position for somewhere around five or so years who feel that they are some kind of boss and feel the need to talk down to the people who have only been around for a few months. If you are so upset that people who have only worked there for 5 months can do the same job as you then move on with your life and do something real. There is no glory in working for a retail chain and getting a 10 cent raise every year and never applying for at least a managerial position.
tl;dr: Working retail forces you to work with dipshits.


  1. I've never worked retail but I've heard a ton of horror stories. Got any stories you might want to share in the future?

  2. Well yeah I think that I'll probably just write about things at my job. I suggest that you don't work retail if you can avoid it, if not only to stay away from the customers.