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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Job Market on the Rise for Software Engineers

I figure I could use this blog for a little more than just stories and tips on how to avoid working and mention some job-related news. According to, online job advertisements for software engineer positions has increased by 12% in the last month compared to this time last year. There are about 850,000 software engineers in the US, which seems pretty high if you ask me, since I don't know any. But things are looking up for those engineers without a job because there are now about 56,000 open positions out there, which means you only have to beat out 14 other people in your profession instead of 17 for every individual job posting. This news is especially good for all of you engineers in California and Washington as their numbers have had the biggest increase. Any news like this is good news in an economy like the one now. My hope is one of you reading this right now are an out of work software engineer that is going to profit from this. If you would like to read the full story visit the San Francisco Chronicle.
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  1. good thing im graduating next month!!!

  2. I'm glad there's a couple of you this affects!