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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

7 Tips to avoid looking lazy.

1. Talk on the walkie- a lot.
    This makes it sound like you are doing something, even if you are just asking where your buddy is.

2. Make a bee-line to wherever you are going.
    Whether you are heading to the bathroom, breakroom, or broom closet, always make it look like you are heading somewhere important. People (coworkers, managers, etc.) won't generally stop you if you appear to be in a hurry.

3. Volunteer for a task that is very tedious.
    Contrary to the last two, this one requires real work (Doh!). Say there is a job you know will take a full hour, but it is something very easy like counting a product or printing signs. Always volunteer for these because it will score you points with your boss while keeping you from the real work that your coworkers will be handling.

4. Smile!
    This isn't a real secret, but if you look like you are enjoying yourself then you will appear more productive. This is especially important when you will be encountering many people. Your boss will like to see you are putting out those good vibes even if you secretly aren't.

5. Whistle.
    This is optional, but I think it is a good one. It also goes along the line with smiling. If you are whistling or humming a tune while making your rounds or doing your work, it will create an image that you are very upbeat and engaged in your task.

6. Distance yourself from the obviously lazy.
    Everyone at your job will have extra "gears" they could be using, but a few make it overly obvious that they don't intend to use them. By keeping yourself away from them it can create the comparison between you two. If you are even slightly better than them it will show and you shall be rewarded.

7. Keep a pen in your ear.
    This one is my favorite. I keep a pen in my ear and a list in my pocket. It doesn't matter what is on the list or if you even keep track of it, but when people see you writing things down or crossing things off you will look really productive.

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  1. also, don't slouch
    all slouchers look like stoners

  2. this is key thanks for the advice man

  3. haha nice but what about tips FOR looking lazy. it's a lifestyle choice....

  4. haha, Keep your shirt untucked and avoid people when they ask you questions

  5. Will it not make you look bored when you are whistling?

  6. I'm always following #2. I HATE slow walkers haha.

  7. Well it also is a good way to make you look busy!

  8. HAHAHAHA keeping a pen in your ear. LMAO till i thought about it. And yea it looks so legit.

  9. Or ... You know you could just .. idk, do work? lol

  10. lol, yeah, this is just a backup plan for if you had a long day.

  11. hah... pro tips and ever1 knows them but we are to lazy to use them. I do everything except the thing with pen in the ear :D

  12. Hmm, this going to bathroom point is excellent. Fake meeting though :P

  13. Good tips, I can definitely vouch for the staying away from the obviously lazy. It also gets kind of annoying to see them slacking while you are trying to at least a small effort.

  14. ill have to try the ear pen thing XD

  15. I don't like to smile >:(